Travel, Adventure, & Correspondence

For many, the thought of email conjures an immediate headache. When creating custom artwork for Mailbox, Ryan and I therefore wanted to go beyond beyond email as a surface-level file primitive (boring). There is a lot to someone’s story that can be told through the content in their messages (relatable, fun, compelling).


Here, we told a person’s travel narrative through their correspondence, showcasing the interesting places and people that are in their lives: their adventures.

mailbox_mailbox1 mailbox_mailbox2 mailbox_mailbox3

As with most of my illustration projects, I pulled in a lot from my own life into this - every place that I have ever lived is represented in the postcard, stamp, and letter set that went into a much larger canvas installation. This work was sprinkled through the launch space, from the backs of the printed menu cards to the keynote on screen.

mailbox_mailbox4 screen

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