The making of a rainbow ice cream truck

Pride is an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ acceptance, diversity, and love — and for the 2016 San Francisco Pride Parade, I designed an ice cream truck for Slack, designed to spread cheer and sweet treats as it drove down Market Street during the parade. Here's a look at the process from initial sketch to finished truck!

Rainbows and sparkles!

Since the original concept behind the ice cream truck was to, well, distribute ice cream, Slack project coordinator Lynn and I had the idea that the flavor options could be clearly identifiable on the outside of the truck — a “menu” of sorts, in the form of a fun pattern of fruity popsicles.

Initial pencil sketches

Next, in taking the artwork to final, I had fun unleashing my inner Lisa Frank on this — creating juicy patterns of sparkly fruits and starry rainbow trimmings to my heart's content!

Patterns and trimming details

Side: Fruits, hearts, Lisa Frank-esque sparkles galore!

Back: A few playful options for the back of the truck — we ultimately went with the full-bleed, gigantic script in the bottom left.

Parade: the final ice cream truck on the day of Pride, slowly driving down Market Street while passing out ice cream and balloons, in the name of love and acceptance.

Love is love is love

I feel lucky to live in a city like San Francisco — a liberal place where love and acceptance are values shared and celebrated by neighbors, communities, and many companies alike.

Please consider donating to organizations that continually advocate for and support LGBTQ+ rights, such as the Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, & MyTransHealth. After all:

Special thanks to Lynn Wu for the collaboration!

I'll be posting an illustration process post once a week for the next couple of months! Follow along here.